New project in North Macedonia with the Judicial Council 2020 – 2024

In September I have started to work in a new CILC project, which will work on the enhancement of the efficiency, accountability and transparency of the Judicial Council of North Macedonia and will receive the technical support of the Dutch Judicial Council, in Dutch called the Raad voor de Rechtspraak.

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The project will run for 4 years and end in August 2024. My role is to contribute to the project results as Team leader and senior technical expert.

The project will work on the review and strengthening of performance management systems to enhance the efficiency of courts and related institutions. Local and international experts are in the process of researching how this can be approached and what experiences and knowledge from other countries can be of use in the Republic of North Macedonia. Secondly, the project will review accountability and transparency standards and seek to facilitate discussions and exchanges on legal ethics to strengthen judicial integrity. Last but not least, the project will seek to further support initiatives for regional cooperation between judicial councils.

The approach of the project had to be revisited due to the COVID 19 crisis, but so far it seems that all involved parties have found ways to best deal with that situation. Several research activities have started and hopefully it will be possible in the course of next year to organise some international activities in in which both national and international experts can take part.