Yemen, contributing to building bridges between citizens, government institutions and CSO’s.

Soon an assignment as a consultant with GIZ will end, which I have enjoyed very much. It is a project that aims to promote good governance in Yemen and has continued its work during the current conflict.

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Special aspect of this project is that it contributes to build bridges between the government institutions, civil society and citizens through concrete projects that promote good governance. That is a good goal in itself, but even more in a country that is suffering from an ongoing conflict. Previous attempts to overcome conflicts often failed and lack of mutual trust was often an important element in that. This project is now trying to already work on such relationships that foster trust, which may play a positive role as soon as the armed conflict comes to a halt and peace talks and negotiations will need to start. That is not the usual project as during conflict the emphasis often lies on humanitarian assistance and that is obviously an important aspect to address. However, projects such as the good governance cluster also can contribute to prepare better conditions that help to enable a peaceful transition. It is probably an approach that would be worthwhile to consider in other contexts as well.