Servaas Feiertag Consultancy
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Welcome to Servaas Feiertag Consultancy

My name is Servaas Feiertag, I am an international independent consultant and live in Berlin, Germany. I mostly work in the areas of rule of law, good governance, acces to justice, (anti) corruption and organisational development.

With this website I like to present myself for new assignments and for cooperation with other experts.

〉 rule of law
good governance
anti corruption work
organisational development

Personal references

In my work I meet and work with many different people. Here you find some references of people that I have worked with in the past.

International consultant

As an international consultant I work in different roles. Sometimes I am hired as a senior expert for my technical knowledge and skills in an advisory role or as a researcher to conduct applied research. In other projects I develop training materials and deliver professional courses for senior staff of public institutions and civil society as a trainer and I also manage international teams of experts as a team leader or lead expert. I feel happy and comfortable in all these different roles and actually enjoy the diversity of my work. It keeps me fresh and motivated to learn and develop myself while it allows me to work with many interesting people in different circum-stances.

Thematic areas

I hold academic degrees in law (LL.M) and Public Administration (MSc). In my career I have worked on many different topics and themes within the rule of law, such as justice reform, access to justice and organisational development of organisations in the justice sector, both in public institutions and civil society.

In recent years I have practiced law as the principal legal counsel of Transparency International and have increasingly worked on themes such as good governance, anti corruption, strategic communication and organisational development.


Throughout the years I have worked in more than 30 countries in South East Asia, Sub Sahara Africa, MENA region and in the Balkans as well. Recently I have worked a lot in the MENA region, especially in Tunisia and Yemen and South East Europe and will continue be involved as a senior expert in several projects in Sub Sahara Africa in 2020, such as Rwanda and Uganda.

It is a pleasure to be allowed to work in such different places; it has taught me a lot about intercultural communication, respect for the local context and the need to be flexible to find ways to effectively work together.

Work philosophy 〉


OECD Good Governance and anti corruption project in Tunisia / 2019–2020 - This project was financed by the UK and implemented by the OECD. My role in the project as a trainer and moderator was to develop and deliver 4