Welcome on the homepage of Servaas Feiertag Consultancy. My name is Servaas Feiertag, I work as an international consultant in the areas of rule of law, good governance, anti-corruption work and organisational development.  In addition I work on strategic communication and the development of VR applications on integrity. With this website I like to present myself for new assignments and for cooperation with other experts.


As an international consultant in the area of rule of law, anti- corruption and integrity, good governance, organisational development and strategic communications I work in different roles. Sometimes as a senior expert with technical knowledge and skills, as a researcher to do applied research, and sometimes as a trainer or  team leader of a project. I feel happy in all these different roles and like the diversity of my work. It keeps me fresh and motivated to learn and develop myself while working with many interesting people.


My work has taken me to more than 30 countries in South East Asia, Sub Sahara Africa, the MENA region, Western and Central Europe and the Balkans. Currently my largest project is a 4 year MATRA project in North Macedonia with the Judicial Council as lead expert/project leader for the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC). It is my aim to expand my work portfolio in the Balkans and I am very interested in opportunities in the area of rule of law, anti corruption and good governance with international organisations and implementation agencies.

Photo by Joanna Kosowska


My first degree was in law (LL.M) after studying in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Grenoble (France). Later I received professional training in marketing communication and 10 years later pursued a master  of public administration. In my career I started working in an internet business that I cofounded and worked for several multinationals. For more than 20 years I now work in the non-profit sector on rule of law promotion, such as justice & judicial reform, good governance and access to justice. I have practiced law as the principal legal counsel of Transparency International before starting Servaas Feiertag Consultancy in 2014.


New project with Ecorys to to deliver a virtual training on justice and rule of law in French in the period of May-July 2023

A new article for Globalex is in development, which will a guide to legal research in North Macedonia. It will include a description of the legal system and the main institutions. After review it will be published on the Globalex website.

A new project has started with BiRD on the evaluation of a project and leading on development of an impact model on constitutional assistance

Very inspiring mission in Rwanda, Huyé in October 2022 with the Center for Legal Aid and Medication of the University of Rwanda: You can find more information here on twitter.

This summer was full of activities. I trained EU Delegations on the Rule of Law and themes such as justice reform, accountability and transparency. This was quickly followed by the development of EU Rule of Law Guidelines that will guide EU Delegations about the main elem ents of thick Rule of Law concepts and how to apply these in their partnercountries.

It is my pleasure to share the Globalex article “Introducing the Legal System of North Macedonia”, which I developed over the course of 2023 and which was published in the November – December 2023 Globalex issue, a publication of the New York University School of Law.


You will learn about the great Eastern Roman Emperor Justinianus I (483-565) who has become famous for his administrative reorganisation of the imperial government, but even more for the codification of Roman laws known as the Codex Justinianus. However, many people don’t know that he was very likely born near to the location of modern Skopje, capital of North Macedonia.

Statue of Emperor Justinianus I in Skopje, North Macedonia

However, the emphasis of the article is on the constitutional system, including the organisation of state authority. It also pays attention to other topics such as the rule of law, the scores on the TI corruption index over 2012 to 2022 and provides a list of open access sources. The article is not part of any international project and neither financed by any institutional donor, but evolved from my personal interest to learn more about the legal system in North Macedonia and was thus developed for Globalex. I did benefit from my experience over the last few years in North Macedonia and aim to work on Rule of Law projects in the future.

The article is meant to provide an introduction to the legal system of North Macedonia and may be useful for people that aim to research or work on the rule of law in North Macedonia or are otherwise interested in its legal system. Several changes are expected in 2024 and it is likely that an updated version will be developed in 2024.

You can reach me through, if you have any questions or remarks that you want to share and you can find the article here:



The MATRA project  “Enhancing the efficiency, accountability and transparency of the Judicial Council in the Republic of North Macedonia (2020-2024) is the largest project that I am working on as lead expert/project leader. It is financed by the Netherlands and implemented by CILC. The project has achieved a lot of positive outputs and aims to contribute to strategic changes, which will benefit the Judicial Council and the justice sector as a whole.

Justinianus, Eastern Roman Emperor 527-565