Most projects include applied research and analysis of a sector, an organisational assessment, market research or guide the development of a new strategy. Usually such research is not published and provided directly to the client. However, sometimes research is published and a selection of these publications is listed here. It is recommended to copy and paste the URLs,  as direct links do not always open automatically.


  • Guestpost on the global anti corruption blog on the connection between anti-corruption and human rights activism, 7 December 2021
  • The guide to legal research in Mali describes the Malian legal system and discusses other themes such as constitutional law, access to justice, judicial integrity and corruption. A link to the latest guide (2020) and previous versions can be found here: Guide to legal research in Mali
  • Following an analysis of donor intervention in Mali a discussion note on effective rule of law programming was developed. The report can be read and downloaded here: Report on effective rule of law programming