Publications and recommended

In this section you find an overview of a number of publications.
Unfortunately most research and consultancy reports are confidential and cannot be shared, but the publications on this page may still give an impression of my work.

Below you will also find a number of books and articles that I would recommend to read for those who are interested. I recommend these books and articles, because they are accessible to read and provide insights and ideas that may inspire people who are interested in development work, rule of law and integrity.

Selection of publications

The guide to legal research in Mali

Describes the Malian legal system and discusses other themes such as constitutional law, access to justice, judicial integrity and corruption.

It is meant as an introduction so that people can easily get a better understanding of the Malian legal system. An updated version has been developed and will be published in the course of 2020, a link to the guide and previous version can be found here:

Guide to legal research in Mali, November 2016 and Guide to legal research in Mali, July 2008.

Report on effective rule of law programming

Following an analysis of donor intervention in Mali I published together with another consultant a report and discussion note on effective rule of law programming.

Main goal of the report was to inform stakeholders about structural problems that negatively affected the development of the rule of law so that they could integrate lessons learned into future programmes and projects.

Synthèse des études sur le renforcement de la justice pénale au Mali, May 2014

Between 2013 and 2014 the report Synthèse des études sur le renforcement de la justice pénale au Mali, May 2014 was published, which is a review of the Malian justice sector after the 2011 crisis.

Many of the conclusions and recommendations appear to have been integrated with recent reform projects. Sometimes projects are followed by advocacy activities together with others of which an example can be found here. Unfortunately it is only available in Dutch as it was targeting the members of Parliament of the Netherlands: recommendations to the Dutch government and development organisations on rule of law programming in Mali

Strengthening effective citizen participation in Mali through the development of paralegal services

Case Study, University of Leiden, May 2012

available on request

Curriculum, statut du parajuriste

Manual of the national training program for paralegals, December 2006

Co-Author | Download article

Feasibility study

Indonesian legal academic education, March 2005

Transfer of real estate under French law

University of Amsterdam, May 1994

available on request

Various articles on legal and judicial reform

in Focus (Newsletter of the CILC) and Transparency International blogs and newsletters

Recommended books to read

The following books have impressed me and that is why I recommend them to others as they contain interesting ideas and insights that may be of interest to visitors of my website.

Discipline and Punish:
The Birth of the Prison
(Original title: Surveiller et punir :  Naissance de la prison)

by Michel Foucault

This book was published in 1975 and is still very relevant today. It describes how criminal law has been used to discipline and punish people who break the laws of the powerful groups in society. The combination of disciplining and punishing is very effective to control the masses and to sustain the power of the ruling groups in society. It discusses insightfully how punishment originally was carried out on the body, through direct physical forms of punishment such as torture and execution. Later punishment was increasingly carried out on the mind, where people were disgraced and but still also were put in prison.

The book impressed me a lot and I think it is very relevant in today’s societies and can help to understand what is happening in societies today.

Corruption: What Everyone Needs to Know

by Ray Fisman and Miriam A. Golden

This book is a very accessible introduction to the main themes of corruption. I recommend the book to people who want to learn more about corruption and some of the possible approaches to fight or prevent it.